AT&T Customers’ Holidays Got More Fun-filled with Santa Tracker TV App

Santa Tracker App

The holiday season is upon us and no Christmas is complete without spending time with Santa.

AT&T customers can have an amazing holiday as the company announced that they are going to bring in the new Santa Tracker tv app for their DirecTV users.

Santa Tracker TV App

The tradition of following Santa and his reindeers are an age old tradition. Children love to spend time knowing where he really is because he’s the one supposed to bring them special gifts. With rapidly changing times, technology has enabled numerous ways to track this fictional hero as he travels around the globe. This time, people can actually get rid of their smartphones and tablets so as to enjoy some great family time in front of their television.

With DirecTV, the Santa tracker app with a colorful interface allows kids to see where he is at present and continue to stay notified. The app is specifically designed to make the holidays better and more enjoyable as it has lots of features bundled in along with the tracking service. The first and the most basic of them all, a countdown timer set to Christmas. Parents can use it to excite their kids when they wait to open their presents on the big eve.

An excellent collection of live videos are available on the app that shows some exotic locations where Santa travels and his grand arrival at specific points. You will be able to know his current and next destination while there is a slot that shows the total number of presents delivered so far. It is obviously going to be a large number as he has fans around the globe, not just in the United States.

Santa Tracker App

The app has a couple of games that you and your children could play over the AT&T DirecTV service. The titles are Holiday Sparx, Cookie Crumble, Present Panic, Jolly Dropper and Santa’s Workshop. It also has a Naughty or Nice poll to encourage young ones to act more responsibly. There are karaoke sing-along songs, Tumblebooks Read-a-long stories which should offer hours of fun. You will also find link to holiday movie trailers and a link to view them using the VOD service. A good collection of films are added. Some of them can be viewed at home while others will get released in theaters this Holiday season.

AT&T has confirmed that the new Santa Tracker TV app is already live on DirecTV as well as U-verse from Nov 22nd onwards. It will be live till January 3rd, two days after New Year celebrations.

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