AT&T to Improve Network Connectivity at Nissan Stadium Before Game Season


Enjoying a game without technology is an impossible feat in modern times.

AT&T, one of the top mobile network providers is well aware of this situation and is going to improve 4G LTE connectivity in the Nissan stadium as well as the surrounding areas.


A big game is just around the corner! The Tennessee Titans are about to showcase their best skill during the event scheduled to take place this weekend. And, there will be plenty of other games that are scheduled to hog huge crowd at the Nissan Stadium. AT&T installed the Distributed Antenna System, shortly known as DAS close to the stadium in 2012. It didn’t require any significant upgrade in the past but recent games suggested that people are using their 4G LTE network in here and use massive amounts of bandwidth unlike the past.

According to a data collected by the service provider, about 236 gigabytes of mobile data was used in 2015 in the stadium whereas the number shot up by 70%, as they consumed a massive 388 gigabytes of data during a home game that took place on October 27th. The phenomenal increase pushed the company to install new DAS in the region so as to avoid network congestion. When so much of data is being transferred, traffic could slow down photos, e-mails and phone calls which will be rectified with the new upgrade.

Potentially, the 388 GB of data could be used to take about 1.1 million selfies in the stadium. “We are really excited to upgrade the connectivity. When fans head to the stadium to watch their favorite matches, they should be able to enjoy the best connection possible. A lot of people engage in various activities including sending mails, making phone calls, taking photos to share them on the social media website and even watch the match live on DirecTV. A solid network is mandatory to enjoy them all without any hassles. We are glad we could provide it and improve the Nashville wireless network,” said Kristi Turner, Vice President of AT&T in the Tennessee region.

Nissan Stadium Network Connectivity

AT&T continues to expand their wireless network in the Nashville region to reduce traffic congestion and provide the best speed possible to their customers, irrespective of their location. It is a great move especially during the game season at the Nissan stadium. When such large groups of people gather in the same area, it could lead to the highest level of congestion like never before. It should be a more convenient affair for people during the ongoing game season.

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