AT&T Offers Samsung Galaxy S9 $90 Lesser than Verizon, Galaxy S9+ is Cheaper too

AT&T Offers Samsung Galaxy S9 $90 Lesser than Verizon, Galaxy S9+ Cheaper too

Samsung made a big announcement at MWC 2018 and made their new flagship models, the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+ public.

Following the announcement, AT&T made an interesting announcement for all Android fans who were eager to get their hands on the phone as soon as possible.

Making an official announcement at Mobile World Congress 2018, AT&T in association with Samsung confirmed that they will start taking pre-orders for the smartphones from March 2nd onwards. The pre-order plans and discounts are available for all business users, customers who want to experience the goodness of the new camera personally. The phones will be available in stores and deliveries begin on March 16th which is just two weeks to go from the launch date.

AT&T Offers Samsung Galaxy S9 $90 Lesser than Verizon

Upgrading a smartphone is easier than ever as AT&T Next offers some incredible offers and additional discounts to keep customers on their network. The Galaxy S9 smartphone which is very much the same as the Galaxy S8 sports a 5.8-inch edge to edge display while the Galaxy S9+ will be much larger with a 6.2-inch display. The company during their MWC 2018 announcement confirmed that all AT&T benefits including movies, sports, DIRECTV support and other benefits are bundled with these smartphones.

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If you are a great fan of HBO series like Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley,and Westworld, you should be delighted to know that all unlimited plans include free HBO subscription. Buying the new Samsung flagship models should be easy for most buyers as cellular service provider announced the S9 is available for $26.34 a month while the bigger S9+ is available for $30.50 a month. The subscribers should commit themselves for a period of 30 months to experience the best-in-class camera in these new smartphones.

AT&T Offers Samsung Galaxy S9 $90 Lesser than Verizon, Galaxy S9+ is Cheaper too

While other cellular service providers choose to offer 24-month plans, AT&T has spread the payment option over a period of 30 months. The total cost of the S9 at the end of the period is $790 which is on par with its direct competitors like Sprint while Verizon is much higher at $800. Samsung seems to have some issues with offering the same price on all networks but the company’s official store sells the cheapest version of their phones, the Galaxy S9 at $720 and Galaxy S9+ at $840. The only catch is that you should pay the full amount upfront when buying from Samsung store or check out some of their offers available.

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