Audi Q5 to Offer a Full Electric Version in the Near Future

2017 Audi Q5

Volkswagen recently confirmed that it was planning to launch as much as 30 new electric models in the next few years.

The company is looking to build up a green image from the scratch after the recent dieselgate scandal, which has rocked the company from the top to bottom. Several lawsuits which could hamper the company to the tune of several billion are still awaiting verdict. Volkswagen have set aside a huge sum of money just to cover the lawsuits. The company may also be aware that it cannot now rely upon diesel in order to recover its image amongst the public.

The German company promoted its diesel engines as an efficient yet convenient alternative to the electric vehicles. Now, though, it seems that the company will be seeking refuge under the electric manufacturer cover. After having seen Tesla been extremely successful so far with luxury electric vehicles, Volkswagen are ready to step into the same with Audi at the forefront. The German brand is all set to build electric versions of the Audi Q5 in Mexico.

Audi Q5

The vehicle will be very similar to the Tesla Model X, which is on sale in the United States and offers of around 300 miles of range on a single charge. Audi built the Mexico factory at a whopping cost of $1.3 billion and it has reportedly been training its staff to manufacture electric versions of the Audi Q5. Tesla seems to have been the only motivating factor for Audi to step into this direction, as going full electric for a smaller SUV like the Audi Q3 would have helped the company get more miles on a single charge.

The Audi Q5 is a very large vehicle and it is only down on size compared to the even bigger Audi Q7. Incidentally, Tesla CEO Eon Musk is thought to be a huge fan of the SUVs from Audi like the Audi Q7. One can expect several great features from the top end SUV carried over into the upcoming electric version. This would certainly include the Quattro element, which is a trademark feature of the Audi top end cars. The speculation about the upcoming electric vehicle’s range may be in reference to the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) cycle and not to the EPA standards used in the United States. There may be a few miles of difference to the figure quoted.

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