Battlefield 1 Devs Talk On How WWI Weapons Were Recreated

Battlefield 1

A new Battlefield 1 developer’s diary video is out and this time they talk about recreating the World War I weapons in such a way that they stay true to the original ones.

When making a game like Battlefield 1, a lot of decisions have to be made so that it looks relevant to the audience. Even though, the team at DICE is working on building the perfect recreation on World War I on an amazing next gen engine, they have made some compromises to ensure players don’t get bored quickly.

In Battlefield 4, the weapons are futuristic and gives players complete freedom on ways to use it. There are so many customizations to do and most of them have scopes, extra magazines to keep firing at will. Most gamers were skeptical about World War I because weapons used in the era had limited scope. They could hardly fire more than 30 bullets at the most. The developers confirmed that they are not going to keep it too realistic.

“We are really excited to work on something entirely new. Battlefield 4 and every other modern shooter is different from Battlefield 1. Our team had the opportunity to research into real weapons, their fire rate, sounds and every other aspect to recreate them perfectly into the game. We have made it really cool, we hope so,” said Lars Gustavsson, who happens to be the design director at DICE.Battlefield 1 Devs Talk On How WWI Weapons Were Recreated

A dedicated weapons trailer for Battlefield 1 has been released. Going through the video, we can readily confirm that nothing has been left out. The guns behave like any other Battlefield game. While the graphics are top notch and visuals are of the WWI, the balanced gunplay ensures the game doesn’t feel like a military simulator. BF series were never about simulation but fun, firefight and team play.

Weapon animation and design has been given utmost importance. They look like the real ones and behave like them to a certain extent. There are some compromises made but it’s not you can use a bazooka, mortar or a support class weapon to fire 200 rounds.

The perfect balance and everything else the team done can be understood from the developer’s diary clip they released. You can check it all out below and get a good vibe about the game before it gets launched. Battlefield 1 is scheduled to get launched on October 21st on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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