Battlefield 1 E3 Livestream: 3 Things You Should Know

Battlefield 1 E3 Livestream

The World War I shooter from Electronic Arts and Dice titled Battlefield 1 is coming before the E3 event goes live.

People will be able to witness amazing 64-player battles in a massive multiplayer match.

There is more than one reason to get excited about the livestream. The event is scheduled to take place on June 12, Sunday right before the Electronic Entertainment Expo kick starts on Monday. The first live stream is official and will be scheduled after the E3 briefing. The game is slated for launch towards the end of the year. However, that didn’t stop the developers from releasing a teacher much earlier.

Popular Teams and Youtubers

Instead of going with players we don’t know, Electronic Arts has picked some of the most popular teams from around the globe. The 64-player battle will also include popular Twitch streamers and Youtubers in this first ever livestream of the title. Noob and StoneMountain 64 will be the server hosts.

Apart from these people, the team has confirmed that they are also going to pick some special guests so as to surprise the audience. There is no word on those celebrities who are going to have this chance to play Battlefield 1 months earlier before the actual launch. An event is organized and the winner will get the chance to be at E3 event.

Battlefield 1 E3


All entries to the contest has already been submitted by June 3. The title is scheduled to get launched on October 21st. People who have EA access subscribed and those with special Origin access can access the title much earlier on October 18th.

Amidst all this excitement, it was surprising to know that Electronic Arts head Patrick Soderlund was not happy with the idea of a Battlefield 1. He wasn’t happy that Dice wants to make a game that is going to go way back into the past. Instead, they were planning to go with something futuristic like Call of Duty has done with its Infinite Warfare.

Exciting or Super Boring?

Later on, the World War setting idea was approved by most board members which changed the game and allowed Dice to build Battlefield 1. Long time gamers and fans of the Battlefield franchise are still wondering whether the battles would be as exciting as they anticipate it to be. After all, there were hardly any equipment and weapons available in the era for players to experiment it with. We will know at the E3 event livestream.

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