Battlefield 1 Expected To Sell Less Than Battlefield 4, EA Says So

Battlefield 1

Electronic Arts, publishers of Battlefield 1 and other games in the series believes that sales for the new game will be bit lower when compared to Battlefield 4.

Talking about sales expectations, Blake Jorgensen said that they have witnessed some amazing sales in the past with the series. However, the company predicts that the new Battlefield 1 despite the huge hype created surrounding the World War I era will sell somewhere around 10 to 11 million copies.

Typically, almost every Battlefield game so far has managed to sell more than 15 million copies. The record has been maintained even by Hardline which is one of the lackluster games in the entry. He commented that the entire team has put in their best efforts and expect the coming months to build more hype for the franchise. If it does, the game will manage to touch the expected number of ten million copies without fail.

Battlefield 1 trailer on Youtube broke many records and became the fastest liked video on the platform in recent times. It managed to garner more than 43 million views in a short span of time and even though not every last one is going to buy the game, it does showcase the potential of the game.

Battlefield 4

On the other hand, another Electronic Arts title Titanfall 2 is expected to broke almost every record set by its predecessor. Titanfall was a great attempt by Respawn Entertainment, a brand new developer comprising of members from Infinity Ward. They revamped the first person multiplayer shooter with mechs and paved way for a brand new franchise.

The only complaint about Titanfall is that it had very little replayability. Most gamers found the fast paced action to wane out within an hour or less. It’s primarily because of lack of content in the game. Maps were less, titans didn’t do much except do a lot of stomping the ground and there was little scope for customization. Despite the issues, it did a decent job and allowed EA to go for a sequel.

Titanfall 2 has single player campaign which is one of the most wanted feature in its first edition. With this, EA believes the game will sell more than 15 million copies on launch and is expected to do much better than Battlefield 1. A lot is decided based on the beta experience EA offers with both games. It might take a couple of weeks and when it does we will be able to deduce which game might do better.

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