Battlefield 1 To Introduce One Stop UI For Battlefield Games On PS4, Xbox One

Battlefield 1

Just like Electronic Arts’ Origin, Battlefield games are about to receive a new upgrade with a single user interface starting with Battlefield 1.

At first, the feature will be rolled out for Battlefield 4. Once Battlefield 1 gets launched, it will be unified with the previous game as well as Hardline. The idea is to make creating lobbies and joining a game easier for both PS4 and Xbox One gamers. The feature will be available only on current generation consoles. There is no word on trying to implement it on Xbox 360 and PS3 as it might lead to many technical issues.

When you are about to join a match, you can create your own squad with friends. Once you are done, the next step is to find a multiplayer lobby to join in. The advantage is that if you are in mood to play Battlefield 4, you can jump in. If it is World War I that interests you, push your entire group into a Battlefield 1 lobby.

EA has done some innovative choices with the Battlefield franchise. Each one of their title is diverse. The last one is about cops and robbers while the one before is a modern war field. The upcoming Battlefield 1 is set in a completely different era. Most players who love the franchise would own Battlefield 4 by now. Even those who don’t might get it for free in the near future through the on the house program. Multiple DLCs have been given out for free by EA to PC gamers in the recent past.

Battlefield UI

While two games will receive the unified UI experience, Hardline will be added to the list at a later stage. Players who own a physical copy of the game might find it difficult because it is important to swap the discs when switching games. Others with a digital copy pre-installed have nothing to worry about. Just pop in the title and start playing.

Battlefield 1 is getting ready to unveil an open beta for its multiplayer version. It is set to commence in the month of August. The game will be launched in October and it is mandatory to stress test the servers besides fix bugs before the big reveal.

EA and DICE aren’t the best when it comes to launching bug free titles. Previous Battlefield games are a good example but we hope they fix it all with Battlefield 1.

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