Battlefield 1 Single Player Mode Lets You Explore War in Different Perspectives

Electronic Arts and DICE excited the gaming crowd with a Battlefield 1 single player campaign trailer.

The storyline set during World War I is exciting in itself but there are more things to look forward to.

Battlefield 1 Single Player Mode

In their official blog post, DICE confirmed that the team is going with a non-linear, open campaign model where players will get to experience WWI from different perspectives. The trailer probably showcased all the protagonists in the storyline including iconic characters like Lawrence of Arabia and the Red Baron.

Explaining the new setup, the developers address it as ‘War Stories’ that are individual perspectives of different people who participated in the war – from veterans to young newbies who had no idea of how brutal it could get. Danny Edwards has volunteered to join the British tank crew.

He’s a simple Chauffeur who can drive vehicles and fix them but has no idea of how to handle a gun or other weapons. When most people assume World War I was filled with highly trained snipers, pilots and gunners, Battlefield 1 throws light on the reality of the situation and the different type of people in it.

‘Through Mud and Blood’ is a sub-series in the single player campaign that revolves around Danny Edwards. In this particular campaign, players can either choose to take down enemy opponents to control the guns and tank or simply blow them all up. Such open ended decisions can be made in Battlefield 1. DICE has also designed every level in such a way that they mimic the large, open war that takes place in 64-player multiplayer matches.

Apart from all these, the entire single player mode is split into multiple smaller stories and will have different lead characters. At one point, you might be fighting alongside Lawrence and another is all about dog fights in the air. The idea is to make sure players never get bored and have interesting goals to achieve in each mission.

Battlefield 1 Single Player

Call of Duty series deploys this strategy in almost every year and Modern Warfare is one of the best example. If Battlefield 1 could recreate the intensity found in COD titles, especially with one set during the World War I it could be the most successful single player campaign they have created in recent times. The game’s multiplayer open beta already received rave reviews and is poised to succeed.

Battlefield 1 will be out on October 21st on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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