Battlefield 4 Might Go Free Once Battlefield 1 Is Launched

Battlefield 4 Might Go Free Once Battlefield 1 Is Launched

Electronic Arts is now on a free giveaway streak.

The game publisher is focusing on Battlefield 4 at the moment, as Battlefield 1 their next iteration in the series is about to get launched this October.

EA in association with DICE took a leap of faith with the World War I shooter. While the company predicts that it might sell less when compared to other games in the series, Battlefield 1 is one of the most hyped games in recent months. The World War setting has simply kindled the interest among gamers who were bombarded with modern warfare shooters for almost a decade now.

Going back to its route where everything started, Battlefield 1 is going to pit players in a time where technology is non-existent. It’s all about your survival instinct and the ability to fight with the limited weapons that you have. The game offers plenty of customization options and even have horses. But, with such a drastic change, Battlefield 4 is going to end up as the best military shooter you could get your hands on for the next two years or so.

Battlefield 4 Paracel Storm 4

It’s time you constantly start following the Origin game distribution platform which is where on the house games are provided. Battlefield 4’s DLC packs are already being given for free. The first three DLCs were provided on the house. If you have missed to grab them all, it’s time you grab at least the last two in the series.

Once all the five DLC packs are provided for free and Battlefield 1 gets launched this October, EA has planned to give out Battlefield 4 for free. Most ardent multiplayer gamers would have already purchased the title. But, this time, you could probably convince all your friends to grab the free copy and setup some great local tournaments. After all, when the game is free, there isn’t much convincing too.

Another advantage is that Battlefield 1 might demand some huge graphical upgrade whereas Battlefield 4 would work on most old PCs by now. You can run it at full 1080p setting with the graphics set in Ultra using old graphics cards or buy a cheap new one to simply experience the fun first person shooter EA and DICE has to offer you.

The beta program for Battlefield 1 is about to go live in the month of August or probably in the first week of September. Gear up.

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