Bentley Cars About to Get More Luxurious Interiors and Vegan Friendly

Bentley Luxurious Interiors

Bentley cars may hardly need more sophistication from an average buyers perspective but the company wouldn’t stop at anything.

They are now considering adding new interior materials to make it vegan friendly and add the touch of exquisiteness to bring it a whole new level.

The job has been entrusted to the Crewe manufacturing brand who are known for coming up with the most amazing interiors you could have witnessed. They have already designed interiors that are made using 20 different animal hides to setup the seats, the upholstery and the carpets in the Bentley cars. However, vegan people who avoid meat and killing animals at all costs wouldn’t enjoy these conventional materials. They want an option to be delivered and the designers are looking for viable alternatives at the moment.

Bentley Cars Vegan Friendly

The information was shared by Stefan Sielaff, the director of design at Bentley during the Future of the Car summit organized by Financial Times. He revealed that there is dire pressure from customers to find an alternative material. “Vegan lifestyle is something some people adore and we can’t go against it. Selling a Bentley that uses 20 animal hides in it and all over the interiors is not something they want. We don’t want to sell it to them which is why we started speaking to be customers,” began Sielaff.

“Throughout the years, our team has built many custom solutions for our customers right from coaches to custom made interiors that suit their lifestyle, preferences. Working with our Mulliner team and delivering what the Vegan customers like when they are in the peak of a particular trend is our goal,” he added.

Bentley Luxurious Interiors

Chief designers of Bentley confirmed that the company will soon sell Vegan friendly cars with interiors made using other materials that are not animal hides. The luxury element will be delivered by using protein leather, mushroom and jellyfish materials which will be mixed in the right proportion to get the feel of traditional leather. There is no confirmed arrival date for the particular product but it won’t be too long before this edition goes into production. As with all special editions, the vegan friendly interiors may get priced slightly higher and produced in limited quantities.

It may also change some of the design aspects of Bentley cars, commented the designer and promised to deliver more information in the following months once they have finalized the materials to be used.