Best 5 HTC 10 Smartphone Cases to Buy Now

HTC 10 cases

HTC 10 is one of those devices that many people dream of having for as long as possible. However, given that accidents are unavoidable, you may find yourself carrying around a cool device, but full of nicks and scuffs collected from drops, falls, and related accidents.

While there are those people who enjoy seeing their pricey devices get old with such scratches on board, there are those that value their expensive darlings more than anything else around them. They will want to keep the original premium feel of the phone’s materials, the quality finish as well as the out-of-the-box design, among other aspects. If you belong to the latter group, you are in the right place for this article highlights the best 5 HTC 10 smartphone cases you can find on the market at the moment to help keep the 10 in perfect condition and shape.

Do you want to see what your new HTC 10 will look like after dropping it on a pavement? Well, if you don’t, here are some smartphone cases you can pick from.

HTC 10 Ice View case

Even though the HTC 10 Ice View case might be a little pricier with its $49.99 price tag, it promises the best protection for your flagship device. For starters, the case works in harmony with the 10 such that you have no hard time accessing any feature even with the translucent flip cover on top. With the flip cover untouched, you can still take a quick look at notifications, time and date or even check the call history, among other things.

The HTC Ice View case also ensures that your phone’s rear and front are protected against any possible damages, but the only shortfall is that it has one color variant – dark gray.

HTC 10 cases

Spigen Neo Hybrid case

The HTC 10 Neo Hybrid case by Spigen comes with two protective layers with the inner layer consisting of soft polyurethane that takes care of impact energy whereas the outer layer is made of a rigid material that ensures the phone’s grip as well as style. Unlike the Ice View case, the Spigen Neo Hybrid case has no front cover, instead, it comes with a 1.2mm raised lip to ensure the phone’s front is protected against any scratches when facing down. At a price of just $34.99, the Neo Hybrid case will keep your phone visually attractive as well as tough. It has three color variants.

Incipio DualPro case

The Incipio DualPro case might not make your HTC 10 the prettiest looking device around, but it should help with keeping the phone tough for every-day use. It gets the name from the fact that it has two pieces and each of them has individual protective capabilities. The outer piece is rigid and features a soft-touch finish to ensure that you have the best grip and comfort when holding the 10 in your hand. On the inside is a softer piece that ensures the phone is protected against potentially damaging hits and falls. The Incipio DualPro case will set you back $29.99.

Tech21 Evo Check case

If any of the above HTC 10 cases won’t appeal to you, there is still the Tech21 Evo Check case. Available for a fee of $39.99, the Evo Check case will keep your HTC 10 safe even in massive drops of up to 2 meters. In addition, you won’t feel the additional weight smartphone cases usually add to phones and it is also very attractive, especially with its translucent mesh design.

HTC 10 cases

Seidio Surface case

The Seidio Surface case is also another cool smartphone case for your HTC 10. Selling at just $29.99, the case will give your buck the bang it deserves. Keeping the natural look of the 10, the Seidio Surface case is durable and very comfortable to handle. It also features a soft finish that makes it nice to hold in the hand. To makes things even cooler, the case also comes with an inbuilt kickstand that is held in position using a magnet when not in use. The case is available in several color variants that include gold, black, and red.

So, which one will it be? Do you have any other preferred case for your HTC 10? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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