Here are the Best Xbox One Games Revealed at The Game Awards 2017

Microsoft didn’t fret and just announced some of the biggest games of 2018 during the Game Awards 2017 event which is underway right now.

While very few are exclusives, the game line up is great for all gamers in general as many of these titles are multi-platform.

Sea of Thieves Get a Release Date

The most important announcement made during the Game Awards is the Sea of Thieves, an Xbox One exclusive which has been in making for a very long time. The company confirmed that the game will be available on the platform on March 20, 2018 which is not a long way to go. An official trailer was released and a beta is about to go live in the following weeks.

Another notable AAA title is A Way Out and the developers are the ones who previously made the critically acclaimed game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The new game is a co-op which features two prisoners, probably brothers and it will launch on March 23rd, 2018 which is very close and a solid entry on all platforms.

PUBG Announcement

Microsoft took the time to announce the new desert map for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. The PC exclusive is now coming to only Xbox One much to the joy of players and the game preview begins on December 12, 2017 which is just days to go and it will be an important launch on the console which is said to be lacking exclusives in the past few months when compared to the PS4.

Metro Exodus is another huge title announced during the Game Awards 2017 by Microsoft and it seems the game is on track for launch in 2018. The year seems to be very busy in terms of game announcements as the consoles, Xbox One X and PS4 Pro are already out giving players some powerful hardware to make use of. The only thing that is pending is to get some games that could utilize the power of 4K and look amazingly good on your UHD televisions.

Microsoft’s Xbox One exclusive titles Cuphead and Forza Motorsport 7 won best game wards during the event. Ubisoft has their lineup ready for 2018 including The Crew 2 and Far Cry 5 but the titles have been delayed by a month in order to get some bugs fixed and to improve overall experience to ensure a great gaming experience on launch day.

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