Bethesda Confirms a Release Date for Skyrim VR, Fallout 4 and Doom VFR

Bethesda skyrim

The grand Quakcon 2017 expo is underway now and on the very first day, Bethesda, the developers of some of the iconic games of history has announced a release date for their virtual reality titles.

While the debate on whether virtual reality will grow as a gaming platform or not continues, it is tough to not get excited by what these games could be. Doom VFR puts you in the shoes of one of the fast paced action shooters of all time and will be a very demanding title, as it could make your head spin within minutes since the levels begin.

On the other end, there is the purely delightful open world adventure games Skyrim VR and Fallout 4 VR. Both these titles are set in completely different worlds, the first one is a medieval land filled with dragons and monsters while the next is a wasteland created by nuclear war. The levels are equally impressive and players could lose themselves for hours in the uniquely fun gameplay created.

All these games are already released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms. The games are Bethesda published titles that can soon be enjoyed on the Playstation VR headset, the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and any other virtual reality headset to get launched soon. Xbox One doesn’t have a dedicated headset yet. So far, there are no rumors that suggest Microsoft is working on one and only Sony Playstation 4 gamers could enjoy it on their consoles if they are willing to spend $400 or so to purchase the VR set individually.

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Skyrim VR will make its debut on the PS VR platform on November 17th while Doom VFR will launch on December 1st on both the Playstation VR platform and the HTC Vive. Fallout 4 VR will launch on the HTC Vive platform on December 12th.

Bethesda fallout 4

The actual release dates for these virtual reality games are still a couple of months to go but being the nascent gaming platform it is, it wouldn’t hurt to wait some time so that development could be complete. Bethesda makes the best open world games but they are also notoriously known for making the most number of bugs in all their titles, especially Fallout 4 and Skyrim. The VR versions should never have these as they could hinder the immersive experience. A full review can be done only when these games actually hit their respective platforms by the end of this year.

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