Bing on Android Gets Improved Search Feature and Supports Voice Search

bing on Android Gets Improved Search Feature

Microsoft engineers have spent considerable time as they have redesigned the Bing search engine for Android smartphones.

While Google is the most preferred choice on the devices, the company still wants to make use of the user base they have on it.

The company’s own Windows Phone has been officially discontinued but Bing continues to thrive on Windows operating system and other devices as it is the only viable search alternative for Google’s own service.The developers have completely redesigned the Bing Android app and added a couple of new features.

Bing on Android Gets Improved Search Feature and Supports Voice Search

The underlying idea is to make the search feature more intuitive, easy to use on the smartphone. They have also made a couple of underlying changes which may not be visible to all users but the improvements are sure to make the overall experience more seamless than it used to be. It has also been confirmed that a couple of visual changes are being made to the app so that users can quickly find what they are looking for.

Bing on Android has been completely revamped and when you download the latest version of the app, you will immediately notice that it now supports voice search. The buttons are also arranged in a way that it is easier than ever to access user’s feed and camera options. Microsoft developers confirmed that the new feed will allow the search engine to easily understand what users look for so as to provide them appropriate feeds.

Bing on Android Gets Improved Feature

A new triple dot icon has been introduced in the Android version of the app. Whenever you tap on it, it provides an option to dislike the news that is being currently shown and eventually the AI will understand what you prefer the most and show it accordingly.The voice search is not only intuitive but also fun to use, confirmed the development team.

With the latest update, users have the freedom to change the name of their bookmarks so that it is easy to sort it out.A lot of changes have been made to the app to make Bing the most preferred search engine on Android smartphones.With so many changes, a better search experience and the ability to make use of voice, it looks like Microsoft has created a worthy competitor in the Android space. It is to be seen how users adopt it and make use of unique features that it has when compared to Google.

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