Black Friday 2017 Android One Moto X4 offer has a credit of $100 for each purchase, including group accounts

Google Project Fi

The Android One Moto X4 is turning out to be a popular phone for Google Project Fi users. And Google wants it to be even more popular.

In a way to encourage more people to join Google Project Fi, the company is offering the Android One Moto X4 with a credit of $100, which goes towards your monthly bill. However, there are a few requirements and first is that you must make a purchase after which you will receive a service credit of $100. This service credit will be applied within 30 days after the account has been activated and the device shipped. The account must also remain active during these 30 days in order to qualify for the service credit.

On the official page, Google Project Fi notes that,

“For a single subscriber account, this includes one device. For a group plan account, this includes the number of people in the group plan. For a single subscriber account, the service credit can only be applied to the user who purchases the device. For a group plan account, the service credit will be applied to the group plan owner.”

If you for some reason opt to cancel or return your order, the service credit won’t be there for you. As usual, you must be a U.S. resident aged 18 and above in order to take advantage of this Google Project Fi offer. It’s already day two since the offer kicked off, but it will be here until November 30 – or while supplies last, so make sure you hurry otherwise you’ll miss out.


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