BlackBerry DTEK60 Maker Pens Long-Term Smartphone Deal with the Canadian Firm

BlackBerry DTEK60

The new BlackBerry DTEK60 is without a doubt the best handset the company has made in the recent past, albeit looking at the jump from BB10 to Android OS.

However, the DTEK60 is not BlackBerry’s work alone. If anything, the Canadian company only took care of the software aspects of the phone. As far as the building of the BlackBerry DTEK60 is concerned, it was the work of a prominent Chinese OEM known as TCL.

BlackBerry decided to exit the hardware market a while ago and TCL came to the company’s rescue as far as the DTEK handsets are concerned. The first, a DTEK50, is a midrange handset that definitely impresses those running on a budget. It gets even more interesting when it comes to the premium DTEK60 as the phone packs the best hardware specs and features found in the likes of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Google Pixel XL as well as LG V20, among other top dogs in the market, but it adopts a pricing strategy similar to the 2015 Google Nexus 6P.

With the BlackBerry DTEK60 and DTE50 seeing a lot of traction, the two companies have decided to go into a long-term agreement that could also mean TCL is the company behind the rumored BlackBerry keyboard handset. According to the Canadian tech giant, TCL will be in charge of manufacturing its future smartphones – phones that will come with everything you know about BlackBerry’s software and security suites.

BlackBerry DTEK60 Pre-Order in US

The terms of the deal will see BlackBerry take care of all software features, including keeping the phones updated with the latest versions of the installed apps and security suite. As for TCL, the Chinese OEM will be tasked with more than just making the phones. Apparently, the agreement will also see the company take care of selling the phones as well as offering customer support, just in case anything goes wrong.

BlackBerry DTEK60 and DTEK50 are all powered by Android OS and the upcoming keyboard phone is also expected to keep the same trend. Whether future plans will see the Canadian company revert to BB OS is unknown, but it highly unlikely. With this change, BlackBerry believes that it will have enough time and resources to venture into the software aspects of the phones, making them a standout in the already crowded Android market.

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