BlackBerry Priv Starts Receiving October Android Security Updates

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BlackBerry Priv users will be surprised by the speed at which the Canadian carrier is coming in with this month’s Android Security updates.

For starters, Google has yet to make the October Android Security Patch official for the Android community, but somehow, BlackBerry Priv users can grab it right away. Apparently, the update is hitting all Priv variants apart from those using the phone on Verizon. As for now, it is not possible to tell why Verizon users of the Priv cannot access the October update, but it is still an achievement by BB to make the update available this early.

There is really nothing new that comes with this new update for BlackBerry Priv. However, as the name suggests, the update still brings a number of security improvements as well as fixes to stubborn bugs from the past version. The file, which comes in as an OTA, weighs about 167MB, which shouldn’t be a problem to download and install.

BlackBerry Priv is the first Android-powered phone released by BlackBerry. It came in towards the end of last year running on Android Lollipop but has since then been updated to the latest version of Android Marshmallow. An Android Nougat update is expected to hit the device, but the specific date or even month is still a mystery.

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The company has been marketing its devices based on their security abilities and the BlackBerry Priv is no exception. With these regular updates, it only makes it more secure to use the phone when compared to other platforms. This year, the Canadian tech giant has already unveiled one handset in the shape of BlackBerry DTEK50 and this will soon be followed by another DTEK60. The company had confirmed that it will release three handsets in 2016, which means we still have one in the making, probably a successor to the BlackBerry Priv.

Another development worth noting is that the company will no longer be working on its products in-house, instead, it will make use of third party companies to make their handsets. This is already happening with the TCL-made DTEK50 and DTEK60, but we don’t know who will be next in line to partner with the dwindling tech giant.

The shutting down of the company’s hardware division is a strong indicator that BlackBerry could be switching to the software side of things. The BlackBerry Priv is the last device that was made from inside the just-closed hardware division.

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