Blizzard Announces Free Overwatch Weekend, Map and Goodies for 1st Anniversary Celebration


It’s been already a year since Overwatch got released and the developers of the game Blizzard is gearing up to celebrate the anniversary in a grand manner.

The Overwatch Anniversary event begins on May 23rd which is next Tuesday. Even if you are not a huge fan of the game, it is difficult to escape all those updates, memes and tournaments that keep pulling the game into picture every time. The MOBA title is an action packed third person shooter which has a bunch of heroes and has been gradually growing into an addictive multiplayer title, backed by the mammoth company named Blizzard.

Blizzard Overwatch

When the people behind games like Warcraft and Starcraft enter the MOBA arena, it isn’t so difficult for them to deliver a highly addictive shooter with frequent content updates, maps and new heroes from time to time. As part of the anniversary celebration, the developers have decided to launch the Game of the Year Edition for Overwatch which includes 10 extra loot boxes along with the collector’s edition skin packs from previous launches. It includes special skins for Security Chief Pharah, Overgrown Bastion, Strike Commander Morrison, Blackwatch Reyes  and Slipstream Tracer.

Most players expect that Blizzard will launch new content during the celebrations. They recently unveiled Orisa and it is highly unlikely to release another hero but they might just add a new map to the list. Overwatch will be free to play throughout the weekend starting on May 26th and will go all the way until May 29th giving enough time for new players to check out how good it is. The free weekend is open for all and you don’t need an invitation to get in. Just download the game and you will soon be screaming at your opponents, trying to take them down to win the round.


The GOTY edition of Overwatch is not only limited to the game’s characters but also includes some Overwatch inspired content in other Blizzard games. Baby Winston pet can be owned in the World of Warcraft, Mercy’s wings will get launched on Diablo 3 and Tracer will make her way to Heroes of the Storm. It also includes in-game portraits that would make rounds more interesting in Hearthstone and in Starcraft 2. All the progress that you make during the free weekend will be carried forward into the full game in case you decide to buy Overwatch when the offer period ends.