Blue Coral Version of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Confirmed

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

In the absence of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the South Korean giant is clearly focusing on its Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge in order to keep up the sales chart going on for the next couple of months.

In order to spice up the sales, Samsung was reportedly considering the introduction of several Galaxy Note 7 features into these phones and this included the colors. Launched in a blue coral version, the Galaxy Note 7 clearly looked best in this shade. It is not a surprise that this color will be one of the first introductions on the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Blue Coral Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

It was rumored that a blue coral version of the Galaxy S7 Edge was heading to the Verizon networks. These rumors may indeed turn out to be true and with the phone being made official with this color in Singapore. Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy S7 Edge will be available in a blue coral version in addition to the silver titanium, gold platinum, pink gold, and black onyx versions. In the last few days, the Galaxy S7 Edge also received an update that brought several features from the Galaxy Note 7.

Of course, Samsung will not be able to bring the aspects supported exclusively by the S Pen, but it has brought on elements like the new and improved Always On display. Most of the features from the Galaxy Note 7 can be made available as a software update. It will be extremely crucial when it comes to positioning the Galaxy S7 Edge as an alternative to the recent crop of smartphones with snapdragon 821 processors and 6 GB of RAM. The phone is expected to undergo some price cuts in order to make it attractive.

Galaxy S7 Edge for a Galaxy Note 7

Regarded as one of the best smartphones from the Samsung stable in the last couple of years, the Galaxy S7 Edge comes with one of the best cameras the industry. A curved display with QHD resolution helps eliminate any bezels on the phone. The humongous 3600 mAh battery means that the phone is capable of lasting throughout the day quite comfortably and one may even not rely upon the fastest charging feature in order to get a quick dose of charge in the evening. In the Asian countries, the phone is priced at $787 in the blue coral version. Expect the prices to drop significantly in the next few weeks.

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