Rumors: F15 BMW X5 Set to Be Replaced Shortly


The BMW X5 has enjoyed an unrivalled status as a sporty SUV which can also double up as a luxury vehicle since its introduction in 2000.

BMW has adhered to a seven-year cycle for the first two generations of the X5. The latest generation – codenamed internally as F15 – came out in 2013. Despite the model being almost 3 years old, it only misses out on a handful of features compared with the recently launched BMW 7 series. They include features like touch screen infotainment system and gesture controls as the most prominent ones.

Going by its history, the next BMW X5 is not due until 2020. However, recent rumors suggest that the current generation of the X5 may be launched much earlier than scheduled. Furthermore, the car, which is already in advanced stages of development, will be sharing several aspects with the recently launched 7 series.

The 7 series luxury sedan uses the CLAR rear-wheel-drive architecture. CLAR stands for Cluster Architecture and it is expected to be the underpinnings of many upcoming BMWs in the near future. The X family is set to benefit immensely from this common architecture, as the new X7 and X5 will sport this feature.

F15 BMW X5

The BMW X7 is a seven seater model that will compete against the likes of the Audi Q7 and Mercedes GLS. Another seven seater, Volvo’s XC90 is hugely popular in Europe as a luxury family vehicle. BMW has not yet had a proper seven seater model in its lineup. The company decided to overcome this issue by fitting the latest BMW X5 with additional seating in the rear, but they have never come close to offering the comfort found on models like the Q7.

The use of the CLAR platform helped BMW reduce the weight of the 7 series quite drastically, while retaining the model’s structural integrity and famed dynamics. The use of the same on the X5 is expected to result in a considerably sportier SUV. This will enable BMW to take on the likes of the Porsche Macan and more.

Australian magazine Motoring claims that the new BMW X5 may go on sale at least a year before the arrival of the X7, which is scheduled in 2018. This shortens the life of the F15 even further. In terms of exterior styling, though, there may not be drastic changes.

British magazine Autocar reports that the new X5 may even feature a 6.0 L V12 engine in the new version.

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