BMW Vision Next 100 Gets Interactive with Google Spotlight Stories on Youtube

BMW Vision Next 100

BMW Vision Next 100 is an ambitious idea the auto brand has and now users can explore it first hand with a new initiative named ‘Visionary’.

The team has made use of Google Spotlight Stories on Youtube to create a visually appealing, interactive 360 degree that leads to a unique experience on the mobile platform.

BMW Vision Next 100

Automobile manufacturers are increasingly adopting technology advancements as it has become mandatory to meet customer requirements. BMW has future plans which are being continuously explored in their Vision Next 100 initiative. They have already showcased autonomous cars with tire-less wheels that could adopt to the environment. Many of their ideas are outrageous for now but could become relevant in the next decade or so. People who are interested to know more about it and listen directly from the designing team that is working on these concepts, the Google Spotlight Story is a great way to explore the idea.

The ‘Visionary’ story is available on the desktop version of Youtube. You can click here to watch it. However, in order to get the full interactive experience, it is mandatory to use the iOS or the Android Youtube app. While the Google Spotlight Stories is integrated into Android operating system and the default app, iOS users should download it individually from the app stores.

With the Visionary story on BMW Vision Next 100, the brand’s team explores and explains the concepts they are working on. The idea is to make vehicles connected and versatile so that they can change to suit the passengers’ immediate requirement. It is made possible by using Alive Geometry with modes including boost mode and ease mode that will change the interior of the vehicle. The car could turn into a working office desk or a couch based on what you need. The new story explains how they plan to accomplish this ridiculous idea because it requires a complete overall of materials used to construct cars at present.

BMW Vision Next 100 Concept Interior

“Innovation can never take place without courage and we have put in some great work to create ‘Visionary’. The work was completed in association with Google’s team in US, Germany as part of the BMW Centenary campaign. We envision 100 years from now and see a lot of potential. The Google Spotlight Story helps us share it with those who are curious about the future, as we are,” said Max Lederer, director of the digital agency Jung Von Matt. BMW worked with the company to deliver something new to longtime fans and people who are interested in the automotive industry.

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