A Brand New Volvo XC40 SUV is Set for Reveal

Volvo XC40 front

The long-waited Volvo XC40 SUV is finally ready to hit showrooms and the company has broken the silence to make an announcement.

The automobile brand waited for a while before making the confirmation that they are indeed going to compete with BMW X1 and the Audi Q3.

While the lineup has a lot of other SUV models already, the newest one to join the list will be the smallest and most compact option of them all joining the XC60 and the much bigger XC90. For the first time, Volvo will be stepping into a completely new segment. The car is a premium compact SUV designed for those people who love to have the most comfort when on the move. The brand has promised it will be a distinctive addition unlike any other designs their long-time fans have seen so far.

Volvo XC40 rear

Such claims increased the hype level over the model and for the first time, the company has released photos giving us a good idea of what to expect from the SUV. The car is going to redefine looks by offering a vibrant color palette to choose from along with two tone color choices for those who aren’t just happy with a single color. The designers have ensured the additional colors are also used in the interior of the car. New choices will include ones like the Oxide red, possibly a very vibrant red and a Lava Orange. The interior will also boast of trim materials, finishes to provide buyers an option to color up their compact SUV as they would desire.

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With all these new teaser images, it confirms the color choices and the components to be used in the car. However, the exterior looks of the car remain a mystery except for the spy photos released so far by those elusive spy photographers. The front end features an all-new grille combined with newly designed headlights. The concept design is directly borrowed from the 40.1 and 40.2concept models revealed by Volvo a year ago.

Volvo XC40 suv

The automobile brand showcased a bunch of small cars they have planned for the future and this SUV is one of them which will get launched much earlier than expected. Two more models including a S40 Saloon and a V40 hatchback will be eventually released by Volvo. All these new models will follow the design found in the XC40 SUV. The car will be powered by a 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine and another variant with a hybrid technology.

Image Credits : AutoExpress.Co.Uk

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