Bugatti Chiron Is Not Going To Get A Roadster Version

2017 Bugatti Chiron front

Bugatti Chiron is pegged to become world’s fastest car. Veyron, which happens to be Chiron’s predecessor has already broken multiple records.

The automobile brand worked years to make sure they surpass the benchmarks set by Veyron in the ultra-luxury sports car segment. From performance reports and expert suggestions, it is evident that the Bugatti Chiron is going place. It is going to be built in extremely limited numbers considering the price tag. However, a new update claims that the company doesn’t plan to build a Roadster version of the car.

The previously launched Bugatti Veyron was a versatile offering. Buyers had the choice to pick from multiple versions of the car including the Grand Sport and the Grand Sport Vitesse. Both these models featured convertible trimlines with an open top edition. The Chiron for the first time is swaying away from the brand’s long running policies and is not going to lose its top at all. Instead of having to fix a lot of aerodynamic hurdles to create an open top variant, the auto brand is planning to go with much faster and better versions of the Chiron.

2017 Bugatti Chiron

“We do have ideas to introduce different versions for the car. One will be faster with better acceleration and top speed while another might focus on additional features. However, everything will take place in due time. Our focus is solely on the standard model at the moment. All the cars manufactured should be sold after which we will start looking into available options,” said Stefan Brungs, marketing head at Bugatti.

About 500 units of Bugatti Chiron will be produced whereas only 450 Veyron was available on launch. The pricing for the car is somewhere around 2.4 million euros, a breathtaking sticker price which could make most buyers shy away from the car. For the ultra-elite buyers, this is going to be the best car their money could buy with an amazing 1,500 horsepower. The car uses a 8.0-liter quad turbo W16 engine and can touch a top speed of 261 miles per hour.

Bugatti Chiron could easily have a much higher top speed but it has been limited for safety reasons and to make it feasible to control in traffic. An unlocked version of the car will be tested in the race tracks where the brand aims to break the world’s fastest car record set by their very own Veyron. The outgoing model touched 268 miles per hour.

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