Bungie Announces Destiny 2 PC Exclusive Features, Release date for Xbox One, PS4 Versions

Destiny 2 PC Exclusive Features

Now that Destiny 2 is coming on all platforms including PCs, the battle to provide exclusivity in the form of special gear, outfit and some gimmicky content has already started.

Bungie today confirmed that the game will release on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles on September 6th.

For those who would settle for nothing less than a keyboard mouse combo for this amazing first person shooter, Destiny 2 is launching on PC finally. The game’s first installment was a console exclusive and it is now officially coming out of the constraints into the exciting world of the master race. Bungie confirmed the release date on PC will take place in the month of October, exactly 46 days after the console release. The development team behind the title is very excited to introduce their work to a whole new set of audience who are extremely familiar with competitive shooters and improved hardware also allows them to deliver the best.

Destiny 2

Inside sources have confirmed that Destiny 2 on PC will run at full 60 frames per second or could possibly go even higher if you have the state-of-the-art hardware installed in your gaming machine. It will also have multiple graphic options allowing gamers to customize the title according to their hardware setup and allow Bungie to add more content, 4K support among many other features. With the launch of the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X consoles, these visual upgrades will not be exclusive to PCs alone. However, only gamers who are willing to spend close to $400 or $500 will be able to experience these upgrades provided by the latest consoles.

Destiny 2 PC Exclusive Features

Despite all the huge changes, there are some drawbacks as well. Blizzard and Bungie announced that they are planning to host some dedicated servers while utilizing peer to peer sharing system to allow PC gamers to play Destiny 2. The idea might create some issues with frequent server crashes and players may not be able to find closest servers due to lack of dedicated solutions. It is to be seen how the problem is handled when the game gets launched in the month of October. An open beta will be hosted for PS4 and Xbox One gamers on July 21st. PC gamers might get the opportunity close to release date.

Once the game is officially out and the reviews are one, it would be easy to say if Destiny 2 delivers the best experience on consoles or the PC on which it is getting released for the first time.

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