Call of Duty on Smartphones and Nintendo NX Consoles is a Possibility

Call of Duty

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick spoke at length during a recent interview and confirmed that Call of Duty might change its platform of choice in the future but the franchise is here to stay.

While the CEO of the company didn’t explicitly announce their plans to bring the game to smartphones, tablets and possibly the Nintendo NX console, he did hint in a subtle manner that they are always open to ideas. If the player wants the game on a particular platform, Activision will bring it to them. The idea sounds cool and intimidating at the same time!

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is an amazing game or it used to be during the inception of World War games. Later, Modern Warfare redefined the franchise and then Black Ops series. Some duds like Ghosts and Advanced Warfare plagued the series. Yearly launches have made gamers vary of COD but there is still a huge share of gamers in the community who wouldn’t hesitate to buy the game and enjoy some hardcore multiplayer action.

“Call of Duty has been in every console and platform in the past 14 years. There is no reason for us to stop making the game. Besides, it is tough to run out of ideas when the game is based on armed conflict. With so many things happening around us, it’s possible to come up with new ideas all the time which makes sure that the COD franchise is here to stay. It is not going to go anywhere except for the fact that players might enjoy it on a completely different platform/ console in the future,” said Kotick speaking to a Marketplace interviewer.

Kotick’s response to the interviewercame when he was questioned about the future of games like Call of Duty and Warcraft. Both titles are centered around the PC or console but the entire world is moving towards smartphones. While it is evident that the trends are changing, it is tough to claim that gaming would suddenly go all mobile and people wouldn’t want to do it at their home using a bulky, powerful machine.

Nintendo NX

The CEO of Activision and Blizzard also commented that being the top publisher in the world is no easy task. “I always feel insecure because there are so many competitors and they could easily catch up if we don’t deliver quality. It’s what keeps up moving forward and to secure our position all these years,” he said.

Activision also focuses on hiring talented employees and retaining them to create the best corporate culture that leads to amazing games year after year. The entire interview at Marketplace has been hyperlinked above so that you could listen to all of it, if you like to know more about Kotick’s first stint in the gaming industry and his journey.

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