What Can the New Tornado Card Introduced in Clash Royale Do for You?

Clash Royale

The Clash Royale is an action-packed multiplayer game that you can play in a real-time environment.

The game features a series of cards representing characters from various categories to help you wage a war. You can form a clan with whom you can share cards and form your own battle community. Knocking out your opponents from their establishments and defeating them helps you to not only earn fame but also crowns and trophies. Over a series of updates made to Clash Royale, a number of new cards have also made their entry into the game. Similarly, older cards have also undergone various enhancements from their debut. One such new entrant is the Tornado card that has found its way into the latest update along with three other cards – Clone Spell, Electro Wizard and Elite Barbarians. While the Tornado card is fully functional, the developer Supercell is working towards developing the functionality of the other cards. They are expected to be released soon in the next few weeks and add more power to Clash Royale.

Clash Royale

How to Buy the Epic Tornado Card

The Epic Tornado card is one of the latest cards to be featured in the game. You can buy a set of 10 cards from the in-game card shop using 400 gems (equivalent to three elixir). Another source to procure the cards is from the Builder’s Workshop for the same amount. It is worth noting that gems are considered to be a premium currency in Clash Royale. These 10 cards are the maximum limit a single player can buy in a game. The Tornado card can help you reach Level 3 of epicness. However, you must remember that you can unlock when you are in either Arena 6 or a higher arena.

Tips to Use the Tornado Card

The Tornado spell card works on a large radius of operation covering five tiles. A noteworthy feature of this card is while using it can result in not very big damage, the same can be used for a gamut of operations. However, you can use it in the center of the arena to combat the opposing troops and draw ground and air units towards it. Alternatively, you can use the epic card to hasten or lessen the speed of the units advancing towards you. In a nutshell, using the tornado requires a good deal of analysis and a wise move as it can prove to be detrimental or beneficial to you. This depends on how you use the Clash Royale card. Once a troop is engulfed inside the tornado, it must work on finding its way to its tower. Moreover, as the Tornado doubles up as a spell card, opponents will be incapable of dealing with the damage they suffer. Although the effect can be massive at times, the duration of the attack for just over a second. During this brief period of 1.5 seconds, the attacked troops are rooted and cannot counterattack.

While the spell card is quite effective at weakening and displacing a part of your rival’s army force, it does not actually prevent or put an end to your opponents from attacking you.

Getting the Best out of the Tornado Card

To get full effect from the Tornado card, you must be careful about where you decide to place it. For example, you must remember that you cannot use the card to drag the troops that you have grounded over the river. But, it can send out troops to fly over the river. Since this card cannot be used on buildings, you cannot use it to damage opponents’ towers. You must also make sure your opponents are within the tornado’s attacking range. So, you must plan and place your tornado card accordingly. The best time to make your move would be as soon as your opponents have crossed the river.

Tornado Card

According to a report made by The Bit Bag, it is advisable to reserve the use of the Tornado card when you are surrounded by many enemy troops at a time. With just one card, you can draw all the enemies towards the center. Following this, you can launch a fireball to aggravate the damage. Additionally, while the card by itself does not render much damage by itself, the same cannot be said to be true when it is paired up for use with other cards like the Rocket and the Log. Used as a combo with these cards, the extent of damage caused is much more. So, if you plan to damage your opponent’s buildings, consider using the Clash Royale Tornado card along with a cannon. The Tornado card can be used to multitask by creating a huge damage at the same time it freezes the enemy troops.

For newbies, mastering how to use the epic Tornado card may be difficult. But, once they do this, they will find that using it is very easy and mere child’s play.

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