You Can Now Buy Google Pixel, Pixel XL and Other Products from Any Other Country’s Google Store

Google Store

The Google Store is a marketplace where lovers of Google products such as the new Pixel and Pixel XL phones, Google Home, Chromecast Ultra, LG Watch and many other devices can purchase and get them shipped to their desired address.

So far, the Google Store is not available in all markets across the globe. Other than the U.S. and Canada, you’ll also find it in a handful of markets across Europe and Asia Pacific, but there’s still no room for those in the South as well as Africa, among other Asian and European markets. What this means is that those in markets where there’s no Google Store cannot get their hands on the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, for instance. But this is no more as Google seems to have changed its stand on this aspect.

If you have ever wanted to buy a Google Pixel, Pixel XL or any other Google product but couldn’t due to the limitations on the Google Store, well, you can now get your hands on any of these devices. This is true because the search engine giant has opened up the store such that those in regions where the company has not yet opened the Google Store can still access other country’s versions, browse and purchase products, just like they are in their own territory.

Google Store

However, there’s still one downside to this update. So far, you still need to provide a shipping address that is associated with the country you are purchasing from, which means you need to have someone in that same country. For instance, using Hong Kong’s Google Store will require that your shipping address is based in Hong Kong – and the story is the same for all other markets. This means that you can easily surprise a loved one by browsing their local Google Store and buy a product that is then shipped to them via their local address.

On the other hand, if you are in a market where there is no Google Store, you can still buy a Google Pixel from the U.S., for instance, have it shipped to a local address of someone you know (probably a friend or family) and this person will have it shipped to your country (where there’s no Google Store). The store will accept any country’s debit or credit card as well as allow you to track, check status, or cancel the order without any issues, even if your Google account is not based in that country.

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