Chicago Bears Jay Cutler Out Two Weeks

The rough start to the season for the Chicago Bears just got worse, as the injury quarterback Jay Cutler sustained in Sunday’s contest against the Arizona Cardinals will keep the quarterback sidelined for the next two weeks.

Cutler suffered a strained hamstring against the Cardinals and was replaced in the game by backup quarterback Jimmy Clauson, who failed to provide any kind of spark for the faltering Bears offense.

The Chicago Bears have played their way to an 0-2 record so far this season and it is unlikely to get any better any time soon, more so now that Cutler will not be under center. This coming Sunday, the Bears go on the road to play the Seattle Seahawks, and based on the offensive performance we have seen from the Bears so far this year, they are going to be facing quite the uphill battle.

Cutler will also miss the week 4 matchup against the Oakland Raiders, as the Bears are frantically trying to establish themselves on both sides of the ball.

This season has been a very poor one for the Bears, and while there is a lot of football left to play this season, it is not looking good for the Bears who may find themselves at the bottom of the NFC North come the end of the year.

In ESPN’s most recently released power rankings, the Chicago Bears ranked dead last. Between the injuries suffered on the offensive side of the ball, and a defense that is still struggling to find its identity, it is no wonder as to why the Bears have been struggling so mightily so far this season.

Bears fans have been clamoring for change on both sides of the ball. The Bears haven’t played well defensively since the Lovie Smith era, and more and more, people are calling for a more permanent change at quarterback, as Jay Cutler has consistently not lived up to the expectations placed on him by the organization and it’s fans.

This most recent injury will almost certainly result in the continued downfall of the Bears, and leave fans of the team, clamoring for something new once more.

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