Coming Soon to Your Office Desk is the Facebook at Work

Facebook at Work for Big Businesses

Facebook has no doubt taken over most of your personal life. And now it is all set to come to your work too.

The social networking giant is going to launch its new communication and collaboration network called “Facebook at Work” on a global platform probably soon next month. The first version of Facebook at Work was unveiled in 2014, and after being tested by a number of firms, it is finally going to be out this October.

Facebook at Work

Looking Ahead for Some Big Businesses

Facebook at Work is a platform for the business oriented companies, where the subscribers will be able to utilize the special service oriented Work Feed which has been posted by their colleagues with an idea to predicate tasks and exchange ideas. According to a media report, the new launch will offer per-seat pricing model for the businesses so that it becomes easier for the employees to exchange ideas, which means that Facebook will be charging the companies for using the service based on the number of employees who are using it. As far as pricing of Facebook at Work is concerned, the precise figures of how much the company is planning to charge for the service has not yet been announced.

The Director of Facebook at Work was quoted saying that the social networking giant is sure that it can keep the individual employees of a collaborated company completely engaged with this product. So the company is betting hard on working out a price plan which might charge the companies on a per month basis, instead of charging a flat amount per company.

A TechCrunch report said that Facebook will be having partnerships or will integrate with other SaaS (Software as a Service) tool providers like Asana that will make it productive and cost effective for Facebook to get every single employee of a collaborated firm to sign-up for the service. This new service might provide Facebook with an untapped flowing stream of revenue since it makes most of its money from the advertising business.

Facebook at Work provide Messenger

Offers Native Facebook Features

The new service is aimed at making the corporate software more user-friendly. And so, Facebook at Work in addition to its native service will also provide Messenger as well as Groups, which will include the audio and video call options. Plus, it also offers the Facebook profiles, Live video features, and Events. However, all the communication and networking will be happening within the company only.

The service is assumed to be working on the lines of its arch rivals like Yammer and Slack, and Skype. More than 450 large companies including the Royal Bank of Scotland and Heineken, have worked for free testing the Facebook at Work. In a report, the Director of Design at RBS said that with Facebook at Work, their staff is able to communicate, discuss, and solve issues more efficiently and quickly than with any other tools or emails.

The Main Aim of the Service

Facebook is looking at the product as a part of its huge mission to connect the whole world. The main agenda of the Facebook at Work service is to let a company’s employees use these new tools to connect and work together by scraping off on their long e-mail chains and other old ways of communication. The slogan of Facebook at Work is “A connected workplace is a more productive workplace.”

Facebook at Work for Big Businesses

According to a news report from The Information, Facebook has been approaching many companies to work with artificial intelligence technology, which will also help by reading the employee’s moods like how they feel about certain issues and topics. The company’s spokesperson said that the employee sentiment analysis might be rolled out in the near future.

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