Confirmed: Huawei Mate 10 is coming to the U.S. in early 2018 through carriers

Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Earlier this month, the Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro unofficially entered the U.S. market courtesy of Amazon, but today, we have an official report about the phones’ availability in the country.

It had been mooted before that Huawei has plans to enter the U.S. smartphone space beginning 2018, but at the time, much of the report was based on speculations and rumors. Despite the uncertainties at the time, we still believed that the Huawei Mate 10 would be the one to lead the company’s grand entry into one of the most attractive smartphone markets in the world.

Looking at the latest developments, it’s indeed true that the first Huawei smartphone to be officially sold in the U.S. will be the Mate 10. The Chinese OEM has been selling its phones through unofficial channels, but this time, the phone will be sold through major U.S. carriers. Prior to this report, it had been claimed that the company is talking to both AT&T and Verizon in bid to bring the Mate 10 series to the U.S. through the two biggest carriers in the country. So far, the latest report doesn’t mention names, but according to Huawei consumer CEO Richard Yu, who was speaking to the Associated Press, the phone will be sold via a local carrier.

Another thing that was conspicuously missing from Yu’s statements is the exact release date. On the brighter side, he was quick to mention that the Huawei Mate 10 and its journey to the U.S. will be made official at the upcoming CES 2018, just like it had been speculated. It’s unlikely that the phone will be available for purchase immediately, but it shouldn’t take long for the phone to show up in the U.S. following its official unveiling in Las Vegas anywhere between January 9th and 12th.

Huawei P11 and P11 Plus rumors

Huawei says that it intends to compete with other U.S. players on the grounds of performance and not price. But we all know how affordable Huawei phones can get, especially when compared to Apple, Samsung and Google. With this in mind, we don’t expect price tags that are higher than the Galaxy S8, iPhone 8/iPhone X or Google Pixel 2 XL, something Yu confirms by saying the Mate 10 will be “competitively priced.” If anything, you can look forward to price tags that are 15-30% cheaper, which should be a major selling point, especially when looking at the quality the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro bring to the fold.

We can’t confirm whether both phones will come to the U.S., but the company is certain that the Mate 10 will be the one to kick off its campaign in the country. Released in October, the phone offers high-end hardware specs and features that include a 5.9-inch QHD display screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio, Kirin 970 SoC, 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. The camera on the back is a dual setup of 12MP+20MP and the front gets an 8MP sensor. Keeping it alive is a huge 4000mAh battery unit that supports fast charging via a USB-C port, but you still get a 3.5mm audio jack and Android Oreo out of the box.


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