Cryptocurrency Bandwagon Adds Kodak, Chat App Line is Reportedly Planning One

Cryptocurrency Bandwagon Adds Kodak, Chat App Line is Planning One

The cryptocurrency hype is real as more brands join the bandwagon and make their own announcements.

Kodak just announced their KodakCoin which doesn’t sound that credible yet they have decided to go with it. Similarly, it is reportedly expected that chat app Line will launch their own crypto real soon.

For the chat app that has millions of users in China and around the globe, it is not surprising to see that they are interested in expanding their horizon. The company already owns Line Pay, a mobile payment service and it deals with a virtual currency. Users can purchase digital goods and take part in social games by making use of the coins. They can even buy stickers which are an intuitive part of many of the messaging apps unlike Whatsapp that has moved more towards as a more professional communication medium.

Cryptocurrency Bandwagon Adds Kodak, Chat App Line

Based on reports from a leading newspaper, Line is in talks with various vendors like Upbit that deals with bitcoin, so that they could link LinePay with the existing cryptocurrency. At the same time, the app has witnessed some significant drop in active users over the year because of its huge fancy UI. The chat messaging app has gained a better market share in Japan recently. It is evident that they don’t have to conduct an ICO in order to float their new crypto as it is considered more of a scam and Line might possibly choose to launch it directly, if confirmed.

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Meanwhile, Kodak which has lost its major market share to competitors like Sony, Canon and Nikon is trying its hands at KodakCoin, a new cryptocurrency. It has been launched by the company in association with Wenn Digital. The idea is to make it into a form of payment primarily to be used by photographers. The KodakOne Image rights platform will help professionals by crawling the web and finding whether their image is being used anywhere on the internet without paying the royalty they deserve.

Cryptocurrency Bandwagon Adds Kodak, Chat App Line is Reportedly Planning One

Photographers despite their hard work and dedication to their job don’t get the due credit or income. KodakCoin aims to change the industry in favor of professionals and create an innovative community where it is easier to purchase a photo that you like the most while having the freedom to make the payment instead of using third party websites or companies that often doesn’t do fair licensing policies for artists, said Kodak in their official statement.

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