Deal: Free YouTube Red and Google Play Music for New Customers

Google Offers Free Play Music

If you’ve ever wanted to try out YouTube Red and Google Play Music but you didn’t due to the $9.99 fee the service (s) charge customers for monthly usage, well, there is some really good news for you here.

According to the search engine giant, new customers who are willing to be part of the YouTube Red and Google Play Music families are welcome to do so at zero cost. This is another of the many promotions that Google attaches to its services to encourage more people to sign up and as such, it is not here to last forever. Apparently, new customers will be allowed to try these services for free for a period of four months.

If anything, this deal will ensure that you get an extended demo period before you can be sure of purchasing the service. This will mean you save about $40 on the services for the entire period of four months – which is a pretty decent amount of money for services that are usually available to premium subscribers of Google Play Music All Access only.

Of course, these premium services are also available with their free versions. For instance, you can still download and install the Google Play Music on your Android device and use it without making any payments. This will let you listen to music as well as upload up to 50K songs of your own preference, but with the paid version, you get access to more than 35 million songs the app has in store as well as enjoy an ad-free environment. The paid version also lets you download your favorite tunes and listen to them offline.

Google Play Music All Acess

As for YouTube Red, this four months’ free trial will give you a taste of the other side of life. The side where there are no annoying video and banner ads, leaving you with hassle-free time for checking out your favorite channels. The paid-for service also lets you enjoy background audio support where you can listen to a video from the background while doing something else on your phone. Like the Google Play Music, there is room to play videos when offline as well as enjoy exclusive access to original content such as movies and sitcoms, among others.

Be warned that even though Google is bringing you free YouTube Red and Google Play Music, you’ll still need to provide your credit or debit card details in order to be charged the said $9.99 per month once the four-month trial period ends. The good side of the story is that this fee will not be charged until after four months and as such, you can simply quit the program before the demo comes to an end.

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  1. As a Google play Music Subscriber. You got it wrong. If you purchase YouTube Red, Play Music is included. Or vice versa, if you Purchase Play music, YouTube Red is included. It’s a bundle, single 10 dollar payment a month. Very good deal.

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