Deal: Microsoft Discounts the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book by up to $650, but there’s a Catch

Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book

Apple has just unveiled a new lineup of MacBook Pro 2016 laptops after more than a year.

Many who were waiting for this device can finally get their hands on the latest technology from Apple, but Microsoft wants to spoil the party with its ridiculous discounts on the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.

Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book

While Apple was busy doing its thing with the MacBook Pro 2016, Microsoft was also busy making a refreshed Surface Book. Many were looking forward to at least one Surface Pro 5 model to be announced at its event that was held just a day before Apple’s, but instead, the company only managed to launch a Surface Studio and the already-mentioned Surface Book.

Despite there being no new announcement in the Surface Pro department, Microsoft has something you might want to check out. Apparently, if you own a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, Microsoft is giving you a chance to trade it in and get a discount of up to $650 on either a Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book device.

Be warned that the $650-discount is not guaranteed for it will depend on the value of your old MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. To make it fair, Microsoft says that a third-party will take charge of the appraisal process so as to determine the market value of your old Mac.

Microsoft Discounts

A new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 starts at $899, meaning you could end up paying a mere $249 for this laptop. As far as the Surface Book is concerned, the least-priced starts at $1,499 and if you do the math, you only end up paying $849. This is something that even Mac diehards wouldn’t want to pass.

If you wish to take advantage of this deal, make sure you visit any Microsoft Store in the U.S. You also have the option to go through the official website, but you should do it before November 10.

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