Deals: Sprint Lists up to 5 Lines on Unlimited Plan for Just $90 per Month

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge on Sprint

Sprint launched its unlimited plan promotion in late January and in a new attempt to improve it, the carrier is throwing in a really interesting offer.

At the start of this unlimited plan, Sprint confirmed that it will be charging $50 per month for those who want the plan. This plan gives you unlimited talk time, texts as well as data, but it only covers a single line. In the event that you have two lines, the carrier had a $90 a month plan for you, but in case of a third or any other subsequent line, one would be asked to part with an additional $30 per month.

As impressive as these deals appear, the American carrier has jumped in with a few modifications to the offer, making it even more special. Of course, the $50 a month plan for one line or $90 a month plan for two lines is still there, however, those who have more than two lines have more reason to smile. The carrier is now expanding the limit for the second plan where one can include up to five lines on the same plan and part with just $90 per month. In short, Sprint has made the third, fourth and fifth lines free to add to the plan, doing away with the extra $30 that was needed for each additional line.


As usual with any good deals, always make sure to get to the bottom of the terms and conditions before agreeing to it. With Sprint’s offering, no matter how sweet it looks, there is a downside. Apparently, this deal where you can sign up to five lines under the $90 per month plan will be running for about one year, with the carrier set to end on March 31, 2018. As from April 1, 2018, onwards, the first line will be charged $60 per month while the second line will be charged $40 a month. As for the third and any other additional line, you’ll have to part with $30 per month.

As for those interested in the unlimited data part, be warned that there will be some throttling to deal with. Video streaming will be capped at 480p while music streaming will remain at 500kbps. If you are into gaming, you won’t be able to go beyond 2Mbps when streaming or playing online.

You have until March 31, 2017, to decide on whether or not to be part of this Sprint deal.

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