DICE Announces Holiday Events Schedule for Battlefield 1

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DICE, developer of Battlefield 1 has quite a few interesting events for lovers of the game playing in multiplayer mode.

These events come at a time when people are mostly off work and relaxing at home to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Starting 21st December, Battlefield 1 offers a slew of custom games that you can try your hands on at till just a couple of days before New Year. Termed as the Battlefield 1 Holiday Event, the full schedule of events is as given below:

Battlefield 1 Holiday Event

December 21:Players get to try their hands on Blind Delivery, the first custom game by DICE for Battlefield 1 for the holiday season. The game challenges gamers to play in the War Pigeons mode. The key highlight here is that the mini map is not activated. You are allowed to wage a battle using only explosives and handguns to defend themselves.

December 22:After an exciting day of Blind Delivery, now is the time to earn the Holiday Truce dog tag. Each player gets a tag, with one tag for each account. To earn the tag, all that you have to do is to login to your account after this date.

Another holiday special for this day is that inclusion of vehicle skins for Battlefield 1. In the new version, you can make use of one or two skins for your heavy tanker. The two skins are called the Legendary Desert Gold and the Distinguished Schnuck.

December 23 – December 29: During this period, players get the opportunity to earn different types of Battlepacks. Again, like the tag mentioned above, an account is eligible for only one free Battlepack. When this pack is broken open, you will either get a weapon skin to protect your weapon or part of a unique craftable melee weapon if you are lucky.

Battlefield 1 Premium Pass

And if this is not enough, if you own a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass, do make sure that you login to your account between these dates. When you do so, you not only earn the aforesaid Battlepack but also two Superior Battlepacks. These Superior Battlepacks are a bonus addition to the 14 Superior Battlepacks that you get even otherwise as a premium member.

The multiplayer mode of Battlefield 1 definitely has more than enough to impress and entertain you and your family or friends during the holiday season.

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