Did you know you can still Chat with a Friend who has Blocked you on WhatsApp? Here is how to do it


Facebook’s WhatsApp is not only the leading mobile messaging app but also one of the most popular mobile applications.

The encrypted instant messaging service uses standard cellular mobile numbers to send text messages, documents, images, video, user location and audio messages over the internet. The app had a user base of one billion as of February putting it as the planet’s most used mobile messaging client.

WhatsApp has a host of fascinating features to give you the best chatting experience. One of the features offered is the ability to block a recipient so that they can’t reach you. This function is really convenient to keep off those friends who keep on bothering you. However, it’s a double-edged sword and when you’re the subject it hurts so much. For instance, there are those texts you send while drunk but before you correct yourself, that trusted fiancée blocks you. Maybe you are a victim and you have been wondering how to get yourself off the hook. Well, you are at the right place, there are two methods to do this. Hope you get help after this article.

Before you start anything, confirm whether you have been blocked for sure. First, check the profile picture, time stamp, and status of the recipient involved. If you can’t see anything it may mean you have been blocked but don’t stop there proceed to the next step. Send a message to the person and if only one tick is seen then you can be sure you have been blocked.

Method 1

This method involves unblocking yourself on the recipients WhatsApp Account. This technique will require you to delete your WhatsApp account which means you will most likely loose data. However, data loss should be the least of concerns as data can be backed up.

First, open WhatsApp on your device then navigate to Settings>Account>Delete my account, enter your number then hit DELETE MY ACCOUNT button. After that go to App manager, uninstall WhatsApp then restart your phone once the process is done. When this is done, download WhatsApp again from Play Store or App store, install it then complete signing up with your number. With this done, you have unblocked yourself from your friend’s WhatsApp account and they can now see your messages.

WhatsApp Web

However, it should be remembered that this technique only works on older WhatsApp versions. It is a flaw that has been patched in the recent WhatsApp editions. In addition, you will either lose your data or be forced to undergo the tedious process of backing up data.

Method 2

While the first method involves deletion of WhatsApp account, this procedure does not require that you interfere with your account at all. With the assistance of your colleagues’ family member or a mutual friend you are good to go. The first step is to ask the mutual friend to create a WhatsApp group then add the recipient who has blocked you and yourself. When you send messages to that group they can be seen with the friend who blocked you, at the same time you can also receive his replies. However, you will remain blocked, in fact, you still won’t see his profile picture, time stamp or status, but the goal is well achieved: you can communicate once again. You can even ask the mutual friend to quit the group so that you can have a more private conversation.

Remember this method was tested on WhatsApp 2.16.6 for iOS. You can go ahead to give a try on the version you are using.

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