Dirt 4 to Arrive on PlayStation 4 in June 2017

Dirt 4

Developed by Codemasters, Dirt 4 is an upcoming racing game planned for PlayStation 4.

The game is likely to be released around the same time as the PS VR upgrade version of Dirt Rally. The developers are all set to set the adrenaline rush pumping up for racing fans when they indulge in off-road racing and other such acts. The game is set in the US background covering about five locations such as Michigan, Nevada and California. To add to the authenticity of the motorsport, Codemasters has roped in the assistance of real life rally drivers like Kris Meeke and Petter Solberg to know what it feels like to drive racing cars around blind bends at top speed. Whether you can play as a single player or as multiplayer, there are two modes to choose from.

Dirt 4 Arrive on PS4

The Career mode helps you hone up your racing skills by offering various rally routes to refine your driving skills. The game offers an interesting tool called Your Stage to generate your own route based on your specifications by just pressing a button. Over a billion routes can be created with different options considering various parameters such as time of day, complexity and length. In other words, you can set a stage that has never been seen before. Once you have your chosen track in place, you can share this with other players and challenge them to win a race against you. In future versions or updates, the game is likely to feature some special challenges and guests. The other mode is the Joyride mode that allows the racer in you to make use of lap time and take up various smash the block challenges.

A key highlight of Dirt 4 is that it includes a DirtFish Rally School based in Washington. This school will teach you the basic skills needed to become a racing driver. For the US audience, the voiceover for the instructor will be given by the renowned motorsport presenter Jen Horsey. The school will also serve as a practice ground where you can try your hand at new vehicles and practice making the right turns. UK counterparts will hear the voice of Nicky Grist, an old co-driver of Colin McRae.

More than encountering the danger and thrill of off-road racing, Dirt 4 is all about how fast you can race forward.

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