Donald Trump Parts Ways With Fox News, For Now

Republican presidential hopeful and GOP front runner Donald Trump today  announced he will not be appearing on any Fox News shows “for the forseeable future”  citing unfair treatment by Fox News hosts. Trump  has spent an inordinate amount of time blasting the network’s coverage of him on Twitter.

“I am having a really hard time watching Fox News,” he wrote Monday night and  called out Fox News host Bill O’Reilly for having “the same old Trump haters” as guests and “refusing to … post the great polls that came out today including NBC.”

Trump seemed to take it in stride and was quoted as telling NBC’s Matt Lauer

Twitter is “like the worst thing you could give Donald Trump.”

“He wants people to like him. When people criticize him, he takes it personally,” the host of “The O’Reilly Factor” said. “So I just think this is just a extension of his reality show, ‘The Apprentice.’ This is just theater right now.”

Trump began his feud with Fox News with Megan Kelly who asked them tough questions during the first GOP debate.

The bottom line is, Trump does not like to be criticized and immediately fires back with passion to anyone who wanders down that road.  Don’t expect this boycott to last long. Trump  seems to get along just fine with Sean Hannity and has in the past had a decent relationship with Greta Van Susteren, although  Van Susteren authored an article recently  that called for Trump to “Give it a rest!”

That’s not likely to happen, it certainly hasn’t so far.

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