Doom 4 Gets New DLC, Modes And A Real Board Game To Play With

Doom 4

Doom 4 is developed by Bethesda and they are not Electronic Arts or DICE to roll out three different multiplayer DLCs. But, either way the company has decided to go with this weird new plan.

Even before the game got released, we were quite aware of the fact that Doom 4 is all about the single player campaign. The id software version of Doom was always about fast paced action where you keep shooting monsters and drain bullets from every gun in your armory. The new generation title is no different. The game is a decent hit but not a game changer as it used to be. Bethesda announced a load of multiplayer DLCs for the title and the first one in the list is about to get launched on August 5th.

Along with the pack, players will receive a wide range of new add-ons including brand new multiplayer maps, new weapons including a pistol and demons to kill. It may also bring in additional skins and missions to explore. A detailed post has been made by Bethesda detailing the stuff they are rolling out in the free update.

Doom 4 New DLC

A brand new mode named Exodus is part of the bundle. It is a one flag, capture the flag mode but the biggest change is that both the base and the flags will continue to be shuffled between the map. Players have to go in different directions to be able to capture it and bring it back to score a point. The concept is nearly the same but the jumbled up location is going to make it intensely addictive.

The new demon which will be part of Doom 4 will be Mancubus. Another new mode which is part of the DLC update is the capture and hold objective based mode. Both modes can be played on every multiplayer map available in the game. In order to make movement easier, jump pads will be located at different points. All a player should do is to keep using them as they move to reach their destination faster.

While Doom 4 is quite quick and is all about reflexes in multiplayer maps, it is still to match the Quake styled movement or the Unreal 4 which is still under development. If we have a next generation edition of Quake and Unreal, it should give Doom a tough competition and players a brand new multiplayer experience unlike Battlefield or CS Go. And, check out the board game we were talking about. It’s just like monopoly.

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