Dota 2 Receives New Update, Fixes Lone Druid and Brings VR Improvements

2016 Dota 2

The stream of Dota 2 updates continue as a new one has been rolled out to make it better for the ardent fans out there.

As with the norms, minor modifications and bug fixing has been done for some heroes. Lone Druid, the little used player with his own pet bear had some issues. The bear when using an active black king bar was still attacked by enemy heroes’ spells. It was not supposed to happen as it voids the purpose of using a BKB on the bear. The developers at Valve has fixed it now with this new update. They have also fixed a similar problem with Arc Warden’s clone.

The clone is supposed to be an exact replica of the original hero. If it consumes an item, it should work as it does with the original character. However, it didn’t so far. The update rolled out fixes all problems related to Arc Warden’s clone.

The rest of the Dota 2 update is all about the new VR mode the developers have rolled out. Valve has always been ahead of everyone else when it comes to adopting new technology. When they picked Defense of the Ancients, it was still the early stages of MOBA. Strategy games were still the most popular choice and games like Call of Duty continued to rule the roost.

Dota 2

Dota changed it permanently and this year, the International 2016 tournament has reached a massive prize pool close to $20 million. The sum is something entirely new in the esports scenario. No game has managed to touch the numbers, even Valve’s own Counter Strike Global Offensive or its direct competitor League of Legends.

With serious attention on the Dota 2 VR mode, developers at Valve has done a number of changes, UI modifications and improvements to make the experience more immersive. Hero showcase didn’t allow players to change the items equipped at the moment and didn’t let viewers preview items in the store. It has been fixednow along with better position audio based on the map, missing player avatars and tower health bars that display even after they were destroyed.

New bindings for Oculus Rift users have been rolled out along with a better visual quality for those who view Dota 2 matches on their virtual reality headset. With such level of support, we can be sure that it is going to be popular in the VR scenario sooner than everyone else.

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