Download WhatsApp Plus v4.25 for the Latest Features and Bug Fixes

WhatsApp Plus

Most of you probably use WhatsApp on their Android devices on a daily basis, contributing to the more than 30 billion messages exchanged through the app on a daily basis.

However, it is possible that very few of you are aware of the app known as WhatsApp Plus. From the look of its name, it should signal that this app has very close relationships with the traditional WhatsApp. Well, it shares almost everything with the Facebook-owned app, apart from the fact that WhatsApp Plus has nothing to do with Facebook.

In essence, WhatsApp Plus is an unofficial version of the standard app and with special consideration of the “Plus” tag in its naming, it simply means that the unofficial app amplifies what is already available on WhatsApp. You may be busy browsing the Google Play Store for WhatsApp Plus. The sad reality is that the app is not available via the official Play Store since it was ousted by Google some few years ago, upon the request of WhatsApp via Facebook.

Despite the fact that the app was removed from the official Android app store, the developers of the clone WhatsApp Plus did not give up on the app. In fact, the app still has some loyal followers out there thanks to the abilities it offers, among them full customization of the app’s every aspect, be it color, fonts, backgrounds and so on.

The app also eliminates some common limitations associated with the standard WhatsApp, among them inability to send media files of more than 16MB. This means that WhatsApp Plus lets you send media files without compressing them like with the case of the Play Store version, the result being media files that have the same quality both on the side of the sender and receiver.

What’s new in WhatsApp Plus v4.25?

The latest version of the unofficial WhatsApp Plus is currently at 4.25. As usual with new software versions, you will enjoy bug and error fixes in addition to new additions. The app was experiencing a bug that caused it to crash during calls – it is no more.

One very important addition is the ability to send and receive messages that have end-to-end encryption, just like in the Facebook-owned version. In addition, v4.25 of WhatsApp Plus will let you send more than just text, video, and audio files. The app now adds support for doc, ppt, pdf and XML file formats.

WhatsApp Plus

Downloading and installing WhatsApp Plus

Since WhatsApp Plus is not available for direct downloading and installing from the Google Play Store, you have to do the entire process manually. First of all, you’ll have to enable installation of apps from “Unknown sources” via your Android device’s Security settings. However, make sure you disable the feature after installation of this clone app as leaving it enabled might result in the possible installation of apps from malicious websites.

Now go to your phone’s web browser and search for WhatsApp Plus 4.25 APK. Download the installer package and proceed by installing it on your phone. The app uses the same phone number as the original version and all your backed-up messages (in case of any) will be retrieved. However, make sure you have uninstalled the currently installed version of WhatsApp before proceeding with the installation of WhatsApp Plus v4.25 APK on your Android phone.

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