This Dual-Lens Zoom Kit Makes the Apple iPhone 7 Plus Camera a Monster

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus has been recording a huge demand when compared to the smaller iPhone 7 thanks to the dual-lens camera feature that ships with the former.

Many were excited with Apple’s decision to include a dual-lens camera on the iPhone 7 Plus as this makes the device more powerful and able to compete with others in the market on more than equal grounds. We are talking about the like of LG V20, Huawei P9, LG G5 and even the single-lens Google Pixel XL and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Despite the huge excitement that has surrounded the iPhone 7 Plus camera since its launch back in September, two companies that deal with small accessories have been secretly working on enhancing the camera quality of the Plus sized iPhone 7 with a two-lens enhancement.

Ztylus Innovation and Kamerar are the companies in question here and the two have teamed up to come in with a dual-lens zoom kit that is dedicated to the iPhone 7 Plus camera. The kit comes with a fisheye, telephoto as well as macro zoom system that targets to enhance the reach of the flagship’s camera.

The two lenses on the iPhone 7 Plus have different roles. One is a 28mm wide-angle lens while the other is a 56mm telephoto lens that features 2X optical zoom. Even though this is a great combination, professional photographers who would have wished to replace their DSLR kit with a new iPhone 7 Plus will not be satisfied with the capabilities of the camera.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Kamerar ZOOM Lens Kit is not yet available for purchase, but it will do so via the official website. You can sign up for email notifications and when the device is available, you will be alerted. The package includes two dual-lens attachments and a case, but the official release date is not yet confirmed. This new kit will double the optical zoom of the iPhone 7 Plus camera and unlike other prominent extensions in the market, this ZOOM Lens Kit stays relatively flush with the casing and fits perfectly to the phone’s two lenses.

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