DxOMark: Google Pixel Camera is still better than Samsung Galaxy S8, but HTC U 11 is new King

Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs Google Pixel XL

Different people have their own take on what the camera on Google Pixel can do versus what the one on the new Samsung Galaxy S8 can manage.

Whether it’s low-light performance, image quality when outdoors, video shooting, colors, exposure and contrast, autofocus or any other tiny details that mainstream users might not know about a smartphone’s camera, folks at DxOMark will tell you what exactly makes the best camera. Last year, their report showed that the Google Pixel emerged as the best in the market with a score of 89.

The same 2016, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge trailed the Pixel closely with a score 88. While there have been lots of hype behind the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and claims that the cameras are an improvement over last year’s version, folks at DxOMark have other ideas on the table. Apparently, Samsung did not change anything that impressed these guys and as a result, they gave the phone the same score as its predecessor.

While this means that the Google Pixel still leads the new Galaxy S8 and that the Pixel 2 has a solid chance to take this battle to the next level, there’s a new king in town – the HTC U 11. Yes, this phone has just been announced today and according to the same experts at DxOMarsk, the HTC 10 successor trounces all competition with its score of 90.

HTC U 11, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S8

This is great stuff from HTC, the maker of the Google Pixel phone and possible maker of the upcoming Pixel 2 phone. Last year, the HTC 10 managed a score of 88 and with its successor rocking a score of 90, it shows just how good the Taiwanese company can get when it comes to the hardware market.

Of course, different people may have a different opinion about this, especially since the smartphone world is continuously being filled with dual-lens camera modules. You can check out detailed reviews of the HTC U 11, Samsung Galaxy S8 or Google Pixel via the official DxOMark website in the source link below.