Engine and Equipment Changes for 2017 BMW US Lineup

2017 BMW i8

BMW has just announced plenty of changes to its United States lineup for 2017.

After just enjoying the best ever sales in the month of May in Europe, BMW are looking to continue the good work. The company has been recently disappointed with poor results throughout the world. Mercedes and Audi have been catching up the Bavarians when it comes to the most number of luxury cars sold worldwide. BMW, though, do not seem to be giving up without a fight. The company has just announced a slew of new models, face lifts, features, and paint options for the 2017 lineup.

The 2017 3-Series Gran Turismo has received cosmetic upgrades in and out of the vehicle. It is now made it to a new 2-liter engine, which has been turbocharged it to produce 248 bhp and 258 lb-ft of torque. This engine will make it into the 330i, which has been eyed up as the replacement for the 328i. Just like the engine upgrade on the 330i, the 340i now will receive the 3 liter six-cylinder engine that has been turbocharged to produce a whopping 320 bhp and 330 lb-ft of torque. Both these gasoline engines are expected to provide outstanding drivability while also maintaining impeccable fuel efficiency figures.

2017 BMW M240i

BMW uses the same gasoline 2 liter engines in the renamed for 430i, 230i, and the 330i sedan models. The company offers an even more powerful 3-liter engine on the M240i Convertible and Coupe. The engine develops an additional 15 bhp over the same six-cylinder engine found on the upcoming 340i. Torque is also boosted by an additional 39 lb-ft. It is not a surprise that BMW has chosen to provide these slightly more powerful engines for the M variant of the 2 series. The 440i, which will be introduced in place of the 435i, has to do with the same engine found on the 340i.

The equipment list gets the major addition with new features like iDrive 5.0 and adaptive suspension on the M4 and M3 making its way into the lineup. The company has also focused on the ‘i’ range with models like the 2017 i3 receiving 50% greater battery capacity through a 33kWH battery, which is expected to deliver 114 miles of combined range. The 2017 BMW i8 is now set to come with ‘Protonic Red’ shades and assorted red highlights in the interiors.

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