Essential Phone is Now $200 Cheaper Off-Contract and Unlocked

Essential Phone is Now $200 Cheaper Off-Contract

One of the best phones of the year which was a surprising addition to the smartphone line-up has just got better.

The Essential Phone that made a massive dent in the market with its amazing bezel less display is now $200 cheaper without any contract and comes unlocked.

Smartphone buyers hardly have any options in the United States unless they choose to tie themselves to a cellular contract. Essential Phone is changing the norms once again as it is now a truly flagship phone that sells for just $499 off-contract and unlocked. The phone has already raked up massive positive reviews from both customers and critics.

Essential Phone

A surprising move by the manufacturer because the model got released just a couple of months ago and reducing a massive $200 to make it a mid-ranged device seems like they are running out of sales. But, the brand’s representatives confirmed that they are doing it for a lot of reasons. While third party sales estimates were much higher, the Essential Phone managed to achieve some of the numbers if not all of them.

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Apple and Samsung, both smartphone mammoths have launched their flagship models. The iPhone X with its massive $1,000 price tag is the only deterrent whereas buyers can always choose to buy any of the models through a contract. The brand which is an early start-up doesn’t want to lose it to competition which is why they have thrown a significant offer that people can’t resist, especially if they are excited about owning a phone that would cost them less on the long run without tieing them to a manufacturer.

Essential Phone is Now Cheaper

For buyers who have already purchased the Essential Phone, the team ensured that they stay happy by offering them $200 in Friends and Family Credit. The existing customers can choose to buy the same phone for a friend or family by getting a total price of about $400 making it the cheapest, flagship device you could get your hands on at just $300. The offer is open till December 15,2017.

They can also purchase the 360-camera as an attachment for their existing smartphone. The $200 credit will be added to anyone’s account if they prove that they are an existing Essential Phone owner by providing the IMEI and serial number along with the registered e-mail to avail the offer.

The offer is only available in the U.S. now and is expected to be made available in Canada next.

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