Everything You Need to Know About Xbox One S E3 2016 Announcement

Xbox One S E3 2016

The E3 2016 is underway where Microsoft took to stage and announced the new slimmer Xbox One S console as expected.

They also added that in order to use Kinect, an adapter is required.

Instead of paying for the peripheral, owners of the new console can show proof of purchase for the Xbox One, Xbox One S and the Kinect devices. Microsoft will give them an adapter without additional charges. It’s a simple USB adapter which will set you by back $50. For people who already own the console and choose to buy the new one, such add-on costs may sound exorbitant. The company wishes to make sure they provide value for their patrons by providing it for free to those who prove they own all the devices.

Go to the official Xbox support page once you have purchased the new slim console. Enter the serial number found on all the three devices as mentioned under your account and Microsoft employees can recognize that you brought them all. Once the process is successful, they will immediately ship the free USB adapter to your home address.

Xbox One S E3

The new Xbox One S slim console is an improved version of the existing model. It has improved HDR capabilities and can also render 4K videos with ease. There are three different versions of the console available for purchase. Those who can manage with limited space can opt for the $300 console with a 500 GB console. The model with a 1 TB hard drive is priced at $350 and the 2TB edition is priced at $400.

Microsoft has been marketing the new console with a vertical stand which boosts its slim profile and saves space in your setup. However, in order to enjoy this convenience, you are supposed to pay $20 more to own the stand. This is probably because they have already kept the pricing of the hardware too low with hardly enough space to bundle any accessories with it. The redesigned white controller is priced at $60.

Custom controllers with new engravings and custom colors are being offered by the company. The models are priced at $80. Apart from the new console, a bunch of new titles were also announced by Microsoft at the E3 2016 event. It witnessed some of the best exclusives but the wait is going to be long as most titles are slated for launch towards the end of this year.

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