Facebook, In an Attempt to Make More Revenue Introduces Advertisements in Groups

Facebook Groups

The Latest trick adopted by Facebook to bring in more revenue without touching the News Feed is to introduce advertisements to its Groups feature which has a user base of more than a 1 billion.

According to a report by TechCrunch, many people had noticed a proclamation like ‘We’re testing ads in Groups’. Facebook had confirmed the same upon inquiry that all the desktop and mobile versions of Groups feature will be tested for ads. The trial is currently being carried out in just a few countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.

Facebook Advertisements in Groups

Facebook also reported to TechCrunch that they have started to test deliver the advertisements to the users in the Facebook Groups and the response will be evaluated before the next step is determined to carry it ahead. The advertisements look similar to the ads in the News Feed. The ads in Groups will be targeted by a Group topic and also by the standard way of identity-based targeting.

Facebook Introduces Many Features to Bring In Revenue

Facebook has reported that it will be reaching its maximum ad load for its News Feed by mid-2017. This means that the company will need new systems to bring in revenue for the growth in its momentum, which has been quite strong through all these years. The social networking giant is looking to cash in revenue from other sources also like from the ad load of Instagram and also from Facebook Workplace, an enterprise tool which will have collaborated with the offices with a new pay-per-user regulation. Facebook has also been trying its hands at Sponsored Messages from various businesses on Messenger and also by testing the new Live Video Mid-Roll ads.

Despite introducing so many tools and features, still, the easiest way to bring an extra few dollars to the company might be by just opening the doors to ads in places where there is a lot of Facebook’s traditional browsing. And Groups is an undoubted massive chest to be unlocked.

Recall Facebook Groups

To recall, Facebook Groups was one of first few features of the social network which started in the most non-functional way just so that the users could support an idea or a cause, everything right from the human rights cause to the idea of sleeping on a leaf. However, in 2010, it was given a facelift to become a forum where the users could actually communicate, instead of just being associated with it.

By 2014, the Groups feature had grown up with a massive 500 million users and had earned its standalone app. Since then, the size of the users has doubled and all the credit goes to the numerous communities and also the Groups for e-commerce, where buying and selling businesses happen. Groups has blossomed into a considerable part of the Facebook experience wherein the users can be associated with their families, friends clan, share memes, organize protests, create hobby clubs, and also hold professional discussions.

Facebook Groups

The diversity of purposes that prevails on the Groups will help in boosting the value of the ads. Facebook should work in a way where it can categorize the Groups and then enhance the ads based on target identity. This way many people will be reached out reliably who have different interests and will be targeted with ads which are highly relevant, productive, and remunerative.

Facebook Groups has flourished well by providing a middle ground for private messaging and for broadcasting and sharing News Feed. After almost a decade, Groups will now start to contribute to the company’s bottom line. This proves that Facebook is willing to go to any extent when it comes to monetizing.

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