Facebook CEO’s Online Accounts Hacked for the Second Time this Year – But Why?

Facebook Avoid Discriminatory Criticism

A group of hackers that calls themselves OurMine has come out with claims that they are responsible for hacking online accounts belonging to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

This is not the first time the tech mogul’s accounts have been hacked and according to the group, they were also behind the initial target earlier this year. The latest act happened on Tuesday where Zuckerberg’s Pinterest account was defaced and a new tagline alongside the group’s website was installed.

Apparently, the Zuck had his Pinterest bio reading “Don’t worry, we are just testing your security” but this was removed after a short while. The group has refused to give out the details of how this hack actually happened, but it has gone ahead to confirm that there is nothing to do with leaked databases.

OurMine is popular for its hacking activities that usually target high profile accounts like major company CEOs – a description that fits the Facebook boss quite perfectly. They usually deface the hacked accounts with their name alongside a contact website or website. By doing this, OurMine hopes that the affected will consider the group to provide them with security advice.


It is not only the Facebook CEO’s Pinterest account that was messed with. According to the report, the group also managed to walk out with the Zuck’s Twitter account password alongside the user name, but the latter is known to everyone out there. This happened despite the fact that the Facebook chief has enabled two-factor authentication. They were also able to determine that the current Twitter password used by Zuckerberg was his previous Gmail account, but he changed it six months ago.

Whether or not the team’s info is correct can only be determined by doing something stupid that might send you to jail. Nonetheless, it is true that high profile names have been subject to online hackers lately. It has happened for the likes of Google boss Sundar Pichai and as well as Travis Kalanick, the man behind Uber.

According to ZDNet, Facebook CEO has not made a comment on this matter.

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