Facebook is Going to be More Personalized, Less of Promoted News and Viral Stories


Facebook has listened to the massive uproar against their feeds and how the company has allegedly played a role in influencing the U.S. elections as well as many other outcomes in the past few years.

After much deliberation from the general public, the developers of Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg has decided to overhaul the feeds that people will see in the following days. The company’s official statement confirmed that it is going to be their biggest ever change in many years. People will soon see more of posts from their friends and family. They can safeguard themselves against seeing too many spam posts, advertisements from brands and things that usually don’t matter to them.

Facebook is Going to be More Personalized, Less of Promoted News and Viral Stories

A lot of users in recent times felt that Facebook has become a place for negativity and everything that they do doesn’t add any value to their everyday life. The feeds keep growing but majority of them are influenced by paid ads and companies that want people to see their product, know more about their offers or to influence millions of people towards a common decision. It was evident with allegations that claimed FB played an important role in making Donald Trump the President of United States and in so many other countries leading to mass riots among other influenced decisions.

In his quote, Mark Zuckerberg said, “We don’t want to simply promote passive content. The idea of Facebook emerged through friends and family. When you interact more with people you know, you love and have a website designed around their activities, it is fun. It is also important that we don’t want to simply keep the website fun but also meaningful.”


Instead of promoting passive content all the time which refers to news that people could simply scroll through, read and keep moving on, the news feed in the website will soon become a spot for friends and family. The page will stop showing too many paid content hereafter and also less of viral stories which are often scam leading people to nowhere but to heated debates combined with lots of negativity.

While the idea to revamp the newsfeed on Facebook sounds credible and it might make the site popular among your peer group again, it still will lead to spam content when someone you know shares it and it has lots of comments from users. The developers might find a way to make the site more user friendly and engaging.

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